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un piano sur l'Océan

The music and the piano : for sharing my piano love piano with my records and reflection about the music.

The little reef's corn : Ocean fascined me and enables me to take off : these pages are my diary edge.

Bonne immersion  ;-)


date of last update : may 22, 2014


Muse cover and others, my piano arrangements

Clic on the titles to listen :

Cover piece found on YOUTUBE : Satie jazzed

Normandie Nostalgia

Radiohead : Paranoïd Androïd  (Cover)

E.S.T. : Tuesday Wonderland

Schumman : Intermezzo

Clic on the titles to listen :

E.S.T. : The Goldhearted Miner 

Piano composition : Prelude #1

Piano composition : Prelude #2

BACH : exercise for Do minor prelude

Other records & Compositions

Music papers :

Gyorgi Ligeti
Le relevé d'une chanson de Radiohead
Mon coup de coeur pour Radiohead
Exercice pour piano

Articles about my reef's garden  :

Crash !

Sorry, you must traduce these papers...

How to came to me and I see of this world.
 My little reef corner

A beautiful world and fragile.
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